The Soundblade Story

Developed by a group of renowned Australian audio engineers, the brief was to redefine the desktop audio product category and give audio and video content a whole new dimension.

We now have gorgeous displays on our desks and amazingly vivid 4k content that we stream on a daily basis. There is one critical piece of this puzzle that is missing and is obvious once we think about it - sound. Desktop audio through monitors or laptop speakers is often thin and lifeless. Even the best sounding monitors sometimes struggle to do the video content justice.

What if we there was a better way? There is.

The result is the Soundblade, a product that lets you see, hear and feel the content. It allows the cinema experience to come to the desktop and for gamers to not only play the game, but be in the game.

The Soundblade is an iconic, award-winning design that changes the game for desktop audio

About BlueAnt

With a rich history spanning 20 years, Australian company BlueAnt has been delivering a range of high-quality, innovative audio solutions. Our approach seamlessly blends deep technical expertise with a flair for creative design, ensuring that every product not only meets but exceeds the expectations of a global consumer base. This commitment has solidified BlueAnt's reputation as a brand that understands and enhances the digital audio experience for the customers.

Mission Statement

Our mission at BlueAnt is clear – to enhance the sound experience of people around the world, making their digital interactions more vibrant, immersive, and enjoyable. Whether you're a passionate audiophile, a professional seeking excellence in sound quality, or someone who cherishes enriching their daily life with superior audio, our Soundblade is designed to unlock the highest potential of your sound experience