A New Era In Desktop Audio

Developed in Australia by renowned audio engineers, the Soundblade is set to redefine the desktop audio and visual experience for a wide array of digital media. 

A Desktop Audio Powerhouse

Imagine every beat, dialogue, and sound effect in crystal-clear clarity and deep, thundering bass.  The Soundblade achieves this with a powerful 120W peak power output, all within a form factor that sits elegantly under your monitor.

Crystal-Clear Clarity And Deep Thundering Bass

Elevate Your Gaming And Streaming Experience

Tailored for movie buffs and gaming enthusiasts alike, the Soundblade turns your desktop into a mini-cinema and an epicenter of gaming realism. Feel the intensity of cinematic storytelling and the thrill of being 'in the game'  with auditory details that create an unparalleled  level of immersion.

Award-Winning Design Meets Functionality

The Soundblade's design is a testament to BlueAnt's commitment to aesthetic elegance and  functional superiority. Its sleek, low-profile form factor not only complements your desktop but enhances it, merging seamlessly with your workspace. It's not just about listening; it's about experiencing sound in a device that's as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the ears.

Innovative Acoustic Engineering

At its core, the Soundblade boasts a unique acoustic design, featuring an 80mm neodymium subwoofer and dual full range neodymium drivers. This innovative arrangement ensures a powerful audio performance while maintaining lower distortion levels. Every nuance of sound is delivered with precision, making you feel the pulse of every soundtrack.

Embracing The AI-Driven Future

In an era where AI shapes the landscape of content creation, producing intricate and sophisticated audiovisual media, the Soundblade stands ready. It brings out the richness and depth in AI-generated content, offering sound quality that truly complements the complexity and intricacies of modern media.

Connectivity For Every Need

With diverse connectivity options like USB-C, Bluetooth®5.3, and a 3.5mm auxiliary input, the Soundblade ensures seamless integration with a wide range of devices. Whether it's connecting to a laptop, MacBook, smartphone, or tablet, the Soundblade syncs effortlessly, making it a versatile addition to any tech ecosystem.


3.5mm Jack
Mobile Phone USB AUDIO Support
120W Peak Power
Plug & Play
Built-in Subwoofer
Simple One Touch Control
Remote Control
3 EQ's

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If you want to dramatically improve your computer’s audio then you need the BlueAnt Soundblade - it's a game changer.

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No kidding, this speaker when it comes to sound output is as good as a premium Sonos speaker, or even an $1,800 standalone system from a major European brand, that we tested it against." We believe it is set to revolutionise the desktop speaker market. They've given it a 10/10.

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Perfect for gaming and streaming, the Soundblade is a game-changer in desktop audio, equipped with versatile connectivity options.

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BlueAnt’s Soundblade Is The Sound Bar You’ve Always Wanted For Your PC

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It’s a great, all-around soundbar to upgrade your sound from a monitor’s speaker or small desktop speakers. You’ll definitely appreciate the sound upgrade.

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